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About us

Cheers Beaches started as saying amongst a group of friends that took on a life of it's own.  What started out as a salute to the beach or sunset with a good cocktail grew into a little community as we found that many others shared our passion.  We had no idea how many of us were out there until we did a Google image search for "Cheers Beaches" and found an astounding amount of images offering a toast the beach or sunset in appreciation of  a day well celebrated. So, we started a Cheers Beaches Facebook page and started posting some pictures of our Cheers Beaches moments from our travels, vacations, etc. found a following and decided to make it ours.  

We love the beach and like good things, so we decided to trademark "Cheers Beaches" and make fun quality gifts and merchandise as well as comfort-first apparel designed to be worn sunup to sundown, beach to bonfire, coast to coast. Celebrate paradise wherever you may find it ..Cheers Beaches!

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